For your information…

I apologise for not letting you know earlier, but as you may already guessed I’m taking a well-earned sabbatical from my xmetman blog. I’ve put in a lot of effort into what is the second incarnation of the xmetman blog, posting 1,544 articles in the last two years for very little gain in the way of  new subscribers, which to me is the only true measure of how successful you are. I nearly made it to 100,000 views, but by the end I just ran out of enthusiasm to keep it going. You can find me on the Google Weather and Climate forum, and where for the moment I’m still posting various less wordy articles. I think I’ve simply found like the Weather Magazine, that any potential audience is just too elusive for me to capture and hold, with so many ways of keeping up with the latest weather and climate stories these days across the internet and social media. For the moment I won’t delete the site or its content, which I did the last time and bitterly regretted, so since I’ve paid for another year I’ll just leave it standing.

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

7 thoughts on “For your information…”

  1. Thank you for your excellent blog … echo others in saying you write top quality interesting weather stuff. Will miss your gold mine of knowledge and willingness to share. Plus, of course, your balanced “human” approach in a wild world.

  2. Sigh, I still drop by now and then in the hope that you’ve picked up your keyboard again…

  3. Yep your blog sat open in a tab all the time in my browser. People don’t subscribe to blogs these days — the closest is tweeting new blogs and getting followers there, but that’s a different story. But I refreshed that tab daily.

    This is by far the best writing about the weather and what it’s doing I’ve ever read.

  4. I got a huge amount from the blog, but understand why you’ve wound it up. Thanks and good luck!

  5. Sorry to hear that, Bruce. I’ve never found your posts less than interesting.

    As a fellow blogger it can sometimes feel a thankless task, especially when some posts, such as the monthly summaries, attract just two views. And since 2013 I’m only just up to 55k views. On saying that views and followers have been steadily building since last November, a reflection on the weather, though it still remains a labour of love…

  6. Thank you for the knowledge that you have passed on over the short time that I have been reading your blog. For me you are one of only 5 blogs I rate as – must read.

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