Mid morning snow in SE catches Met Office on the hop

Figure 1

You would have thought that the Met Office had every possible impact contingency covered in the warnings that are currently in place, but you would be wrong. As warm air pushes slowly in from the west on an active frontal system, a band of snow has developed across higher parts of southern England and the southeast, forcing them to issue a very late warning for those parts at 0820 UTC this morning (fig 2). High Wycombe looks to be getting a dollop at 10 UTC (fig 1) and I wonder how cars on doing on Wycombe hill at the moment? I would have thought the local impact of a quick 10 cm of snow might warrant something higher than just a yellow.

Figure 2 – Courtesy of the Met Office

This is the second time recently that the area of a warning for snow hadn’t been extended far enough south (fig 3). If you remember it happened on the 11th of December when High Wycombe ended up with 17 cm of ‘partly cloudy’.

Figure 3 – Courtesy of the Met Office (11th December 2017)

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5 thoughts on “Mid morning snow in SE catches Met Office on the hop”

  1. In the end there was about 1-2 cm of snow but it was’t around long enough to see it properly in the daylight.
    With temperatures up to 6.4 degrees, most of it has gone now.
    I get the feeling that this winter has seen more days of snow than has been usual recently, even if the actual amount of snow hasn’t been great or the the snow hasn’t stayed for very long.

  2. I now notice that the MO has heavy snow in the forecast from 15:00 to 17:00!
    The only other difference seems to be a reduction in the forecasted temperature from 2c to 1c!

  3. It turned to heavy snow here around 14:00 and has developed into probably the heaviest so far this winter.
    Bearing in mind that no actual snow was forecast this morning, I would say that the MO has definitely got it wrong this time.

  4. The MO forecasted sleet shwers at 15:00 but it has come a bit early at around 14:00, still an hour out isn’t bad although it is a bit more than showers.
    They forecast that it will turn to heavy rain by 17:00 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see heavy snow instead.
    if it continues to be 1 hour early, that should happen by 16:00.

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