Warmest June day here since at least 2004

Jersey looks like taking the crown today as the warmest SYNOP station in WMO block #03, with a temperature just over 90°F at 14 UTC (fig 1).

Figure 1

Here in Bradninch mid-Devon, the temperature has been hovering around 30 or 31°C for much of the afternoon, so to escape the sun that I’d string some code together and look at a couple of thermographs since Saturday for Exeter (fig 2) and Heathrow (fig 3).

Figure 2

Not bad going for Devon, when you consider that Exeter is always starting several degrees cooler than Heathrow each day. I think the sea breeze just kicked in time to prevent the temperature at Exeter airport possibly exceeding 31°C at 14 UTC, as it did here in Bradninch. My Vantage Pro has been recording temperature since September 2004 and this afternoon’s max of 31.3°C makes it the warmest June day in that time.

Figure 3

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