How long will it last?


Courtesy of the Met Office

Lovely clear skies across the bulk of England and Wales this morning after a frosty start, but just how long will the skies remain clear? I suppose it all depends on how long we can keep an east or southeasterly low-level flow from the continent and keep the cloud to the northwest at bay. It maybe that the cloud will fill in later tomorrow according to the latest forecast, but that won’t prevent another frost tonight.

Scotland looking grand

With most people’s eyes firmly fixed on storm Angus today – including me – we have almost forgotten what a grand day it was further north. Here’s a high-resolution visible satellite image of Scotland taken earlier today to prove it.


Images courtesy of David J Taylor

Sharp back edge – but of what?

This is the 0915 UTC visible satellite image for Saturday the 12th of November 2016. It shows quite a dramatic dark shadow cast by the back edge of a weather front that curves down across the UK.


Courtesy of the Met Office

But if you examine the 0000 UTC analysis just what is it the back edge of?


Courtesy of the Met Office

Hopefully when the 0600 UTC analysis arrives it will have removed one or two of these features and drastically simplified it.

*** Updated ***

I couldn’t resist adding a copy of the 06Z analysis to this article. The Met Office Chief forecaster has refused to simplify the analysis in any way at all. I realise that the satellite image I included was from 0915 and later than the 0600 analysis, but I see little evidence of anything other than a warm occlusion that ties in with the cloud structure and rain. I wonder what meteorologists from other Met agencies across Europe think of charts like this?


Courtesy of the Met Office


Courtesy of the Met Office

Eye in the sky

Most days I keep my Web Satellite application running to keep an eye on the latest visible satellite images which I download and assemble every 15 minute from the Met Office. Every so often I would purge the image archive, but it seems such a shame just to keep deleting them when I have so much disk space, so I thought that I’d write a viewer that displayed a 4 x 7 grid of 1200 UTC visible images – and here they are for the last 28 days!


It’s amazing how much of a feel that you can get for the weather of any particular month by just viewing thumbnails of each days satellite image. By the way the coloured blank images are the days that I missed.