The rainfall event of 3rd September 2016

A low pressure was deepening and tracking into Western Ireland on this plotted chart for 1500 UTC on the 3rd of September, its associated warm front had crossed all of Wales, and was lying approximately from Llandudno to the Isle of Wight by 1500 UTC. Above is a map of estimated rainfall totals gleaned from 15 minute weather radar images from the Met Office between 0600 on the 3rd and 0600 UTC on the 4th of September. The wettest places were over South Wales with totals in excess of 50 mm in the 24 hours. For some reason the 21.3 mm estimated total at Carlisle was considerably less than […]

Driest July in England and Wales since 1766

The month of July 2016 is turning out to be a very dry month in the south of the country, so I thought that I’d have a look back to see how July as a month looks in the England Wales Precipitation [EWP] series that starts 250 years ago in 1766 and find the driest years. The EWP data is a monthly series and is free to download from the Met Office. According to the Met Office website the regional estimates are derived as follows: The England and Wales precipitation totals are based on daily weighted totals from a network of stations within each of five England and Wales regions. […]

British Isles Rainfall: 13 April – 13 July 2016

I still think that here in mid-Devon it’s been a rather dry spring and summer so far in 2016, although we did get a very wet day here in Bradninch on the 15th of June. Here are the 3 month totals from the SYNOP observations. Ignore the first mention of Exeter at the #1 spot being the driest place, the Met Office renamed the station on June 27th so that’s why it’s bone dry, the old Exeter total is at #7, so adding the two totals (124 mm) does mean that it has been dry during the last three months. The Rx column in the tables gives the percentage […]

June 2016: Rainfall

I thought that because I’d already written about temperature and sunshine across the British Isles yesterday, I should finish it off with a quick look at the rainfall totals in June. So here they are and guess what Capel Curig with 184.8 mm (7.28″) is the wettest place from the list of all the available SYNOPs! I’m still trying to get my head round the 32.1 mm from Herstmonceux on the south coast, I seem to have 98% of the obs but the value looks low. Perhaps the gauge has a spiders nest in it like mine did early last month. The 153.3 mm from Kenly (to the south […]