Warmest May globally

It’s a wet Sunday afternoon here in Devon and well I’ve been mooching around looking for an article to write… The latest Global temperature [GISS] data has been published by NASA, and it shows that the calendar month of May 2016 was the warmest on record with an anomaly of +0.93°C for the combined global land and sea surface temperatures. The record for the previous warmest May didn’t last long, as it was only set in 2014. I make the linear trend from 1880 +0.071°C per decade, but the linear trend of the last 50 years has increased to 0.156°C per decade, and yes I’m aware that 1967 was in […]

May Pressure Patterns

When statistics can be misleading I’ve always liked monthly mean pressure maps they can be very useful at summing up the weather of a month at a glance. But sometimes they can be very misleading and not at all helpful, take a look at the anomaly chart for May 2016 below as a perfect example: As you can see the central north Atlantic had anomalously higher pressure than average (+2 hPa) in the month of May, with a lower than average pressures (-4 hPa) between Portugal and the Azores and across the bulk of southern Europe. Higher than average pressure to the SW of the Azores produced an intense […]

May Temperature Anomalies

Here is a chart of the reanalysis surface temperature anomalies for May 2016 using reanalysis data from NOAA. As you can see in May the bulk of the central Atlantic remained slightly cooler than average (-1°C), but the Arctic around Baffin bay and the Barents sea is anomalously warm (+5°C) as were northeast Russia and eastern Scandinavia. The recent heat wave over northern Pakistan and Afghanistan are clear to see (+5°C), as are the very warm conditions in central Canada (+4°C). From what I can see, I would hazard a guess that when the global surface temperatures for May are released, although well above average, may not be quite […]

Central England Temperatures: May 2016

As far as I can make out, May 2016 was the 37th warmest in the Central England Temperature [CET] series that started in 1659. It had started coolly but warmed up significantly between the 4th and the 12th when two maximum CET records were broken (8th and 9th), but a colder week followed and wiped out a lot of the positive anomalies that had been gained. Here are the May rankings since 1659, it certainly was the warmest since the exceptionally warm May of 2008, with a mean anomaly of +1.46°C. So although global temperature records are being broken on a monthly basis, CET records certainly aren’t. Here is […]