Frost over the British Isles during 2016-17

Figure 1

Now that May is with us and there can’t be many more frosts to come, I thought that I’d look back at the total number of frosts in the period from the 1st of July last year and see how the seasons panned out in regard to air frosts, ground frosts and the number of ice days (maximum temperatures below <0°C for 24 hours). As always with data like this it does depend on receiving 06 & 18 UTC SYNOP data from all stations, and which you can never entirely guarantee that you’ll get, so some of these figures may not be quite exact. I also apologise for the cluttered numbers at this zoom level, which only some fancy decluttering routine would fix. You’ll have to take my word for it, the application is much better than the screenshot.

Figure 2

I think the number of days with an air or ground frost were significantly boosted in the southeast of England as a result of the cold spell in January. It looks like St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly even managed to escape a ground frost during this last winter, I’m not sure about the two sites on the coast of northern France though.

Figure 3