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Courtesy of the Met Office

I recently commented on this blog by the Met Office remarking that at first glance the maximum mean temperature anomaly chart for the first 14 days of September was more indicative of 14 days of tropical maritime air rather than ‘warm and humid air drawn up from the continent’ as they put it. I made that first comment on the 17th, and added a further one on the 19th after looking at the latest objective Lamb Weather Types. Here’s a list of possible reasons why both my comment are still ‘awaiting moderation’ (24 September):

  1. They’re short-staffed.
  2. Sick to the back teeth of me (highly likely).
  3. Fed up with five years endless criticism of the Met Office (I’m only critical ~75% of the time – honest).
  4. Delay every comment that I make by at least week in the hope that I’ll give up commenting.
  5. Delay every comment that I make by at least a week so fewer people will ever likely read it.
  6. I’ve over stepped the mark and I’ve been “moderated”.
  7. I possibly have a point!

Either way it’s no way to run a blog that allows readers comments and feedback. Here are the two comments that I would have like to have made. I think you’ll agree that neither comment is offensive, and are about the meteorological reasons for the warm start to this September.

Courtesy of xmetman