Global Surface Temperature

Estimates of global surface temperatures [GST] from gridded dataset of historical near-surface air temperature anomalies over land and sea. At the moment I have applications to download and display data from the NOAA GISTEMP dataset, and the Met Office HadCRUT4 which is a collaborative product of the Met Office Hadley Centre and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

The gridded data is a blend of CRUTEM4 land-surface air temperature dataset and the HadSST3 sea-surface temperature [SST] dataset. The dataset is presented as an ensemble of 100 dataset realisations that sample the distribution of uncertainty in the global temperature record given current understanding of non-climatic factors affecting near-surface temperature observations. This ensemble approach allows characterisation of spatially and temporally correlated uncertainty structure in the gridded data, for example arising from uncertainties in methods used to account for changes in SST measurement practices, homogenisation of land station records and the potential impacts of urbanisation. The HadCRUT4 data are neither interpolated nor variance adjusted.

Info courtesy of the Met Office.