Hurricane force winds on top of the blue hill

Hurricane force winds on top of Cairngorm this morning, where the winds is meaning 77 knots (113 mph) and gusting to 98 knots (120 mph) at 10 UTC, that’s close to category two hurricane strength, and that’s a ten-minute and not a two-minute mean. The wind has been slowly backing over the last couple of days, and with the air temperature currently at -3.7°C that means a wicked wind chill equivalent of -17.2° for any poor sod who’s daft enough to be up there at the moment.

Ice day

The low stratus is finally clearing across the southwest of England as drier air is entrained across the Channel from France. There’s been a lovely wave-like ripple in the low cloud running downwind of Cornwall through the Celtic Sea, and along the eastern side of the Irish through today. It looks like that they’ll be a number of stations reporting an ice day today, judging by the mid-afternoon temperatures across some parts of Eastern England at the moment. The temperature at Wattisham for instance at 14 UTC was -2.4°C, and -1.6°C and -2.1°C at Wittering and Andrewsfield respectively, this combined with the wind speed make it a fairly penetrating […]

Bora alive and kicking in the Adriatic

The Bora is a cold, dry gusty north or northeasterly downslope wind that affects (according to Roger Barry in Mountain Weather and Climate) the eastern shore of the Adriatic from Trieste in the north of Italy southward down the eastern shore of the Adriatic for about 500 km. It’s the big brother to the Helm wind of Cross Fell in this country, and this morning it’s going at it hammer and tongues. There is an interesting Wikipedia article about it that gives a lot more information. Here’s the 09 UTC plotted chart (fig 1) for this morning for the Adriatic area. Here is the latest gust analysis for the […]