Monthly Weather Summary – May 2017

Data and charts courtesy of the Met Office.

Monthly weather summary – April 2017

Images and data courtesy of the Met Office

Topsy-turvy January 2017

What an interesting topsy-turvy kind of month January 2017 was, very anticyclonic, in fact the 10th most anticyclonic since 1871, with above average temperatures in the north, but colder in the southeast. It was drier than average in the north and west, but closer to average the further southeast that you were. Sunshine was above average in the northeast and the south, but duller in a band across central England, North Wales and Northern Ireland. The satellite images for the month show how stubborn low cloud was the main culprit for how dull it was across central areas, and how clear it was for many days across the southeast which saw 6 more days of air frost than an average January.