Monthly Weather Report – May 2017

Climate data & weather charts courtesy of the Met Office – LWT data courtesy of the CRU/UEA.

Monthly Weather Report – April 2017

Monthly Weather Report – March 2017

Figure 1 – Data and Images courtesy of the Met Office, Wetterzentrale & the CRU

Hopefully these two infographics will sum up the weather of March 2017 better than any words that I can come up with. There were a number of interesting climatological features of the month as far as I can see:

  • The mildness, exceptionally so in the southeast of England.
  • The dullness of the month in the southwest, in what generally in all other regions was a rather sunny month.
  • The lack of frosts, and very little in the way of snow.
  • Lower than average rainfall away from central areas.
  • No named storms, and low gale frequency.

Figure 2 – Data and Images courtesy of the Met Office

February 2017 – Monthly weather report

Figure 1 – Data courtesy of the Met Office & CRU

To some people the highlight of February 2017 may have been storm Doris on the 23rd,  but although Doris may have been a designated storm, the Candlemas low on the 2nd scored higher in the Gale Index but was totally ignored by the Met Office (either as a named storm or for alert purposes) for some strange reason known only to themselves. I won’t even bother mentioning storm Ewan but that was down to Met Éireann.

Monthly Weather Report – January 2017

Monthly Weather Report – December 2016

Two December extremes

We have seen in the last six years probably the greatest example of two contrasting winter months in the UK, notably December 2010 for being so cold and December for being so exceptionally mild. The infographics that I have put together for the two months, are due in no small part to the wonderful anomaly charts that I download from the UKMO, overlaid with the climate anomalies and graphs that I produce from the monthly regional gridded data that they also make available.  So I say a big thank you to them, as we approach the end to another fascinating year of weather across the UK, and don’t believe it when someone says that I have an axe to grind with the Met Office, occasionally I think they are just a wonderful organisation.

Monthly Weather Report – November 2016

I was looking back at November 2016 and remembered that I wrote something to generate an infographic for the whole month. It contains climate data from numerous sources namely:

  • Daily CET maximum and minimum temperatures – courtesy of the Met Office.
  • UKP daily regional rainfall totals – courtesy of the Met Office.
  • LWT daily objective circulation types – CRU of the UEA.
  • UKMO regional 1910 gridded climate data values (sunshine, rainfall & temperature) courtesy of the Met Office.
  • Daily 0000 UTC analysis charts – courtesy of the Met Office.