Another cold night

Another cold night across the country last night, especially in Scotland, with the AWS at Aboyne in Aberdeenshire reporting -6.8°C in the 18-06 overnight period.


Frost a little more widespread than forecast

It’s always very difficult to catch the BBC weather presenters out on the extent and intensity of any frost that they forecast the day after the event, but that doesn’t stop me trying! Yesterday is a case in point, petty but true. Here’s my flimsy evidence gleaned from Twitter:-


Courtesy of Twitter

Even I think that graphic must be for midnight rather than 0500, but believe me I just couldn’t find one. And here are the stations that reporting a frost between 1800 and 0600 this morning (11 November 2016):-




Frosts in December 2010


I have been reworking my SYNOP anomaly application so that I can analyse temperatures over much longer time periods than I did before. I decided to give the application a dry run, and so here are the air frost counts for the very cold December of 2010. In theory I can now look back at any period that I choose which have SYNOP observations for, so that means the 1st of January 1973. Not only can I graph and plot the results on a map, I also generate statistics for each of the main synoptic hours as well as the daily extreme maximum and minimums.