A correlation between El Niño and global CO2

It was only when I read the Met Office news release “La Niña cools 2018 CO₂ forecast” that it occurred to me that there might be a link between ENSO events in the central Pacific Ocean and global CO2 measured at nearby Mauna Loa. So today I cobbled together a hybrid application made up of code from my ENSO and CO2 programs to plot charts of both of them to see what I can find, never really expecting to see very much in the way of a link, I was wrong. In the above image (fig 1) the top chart is of the 12 monthly change in global CO2 measured at Mauna Loa, […]

Oceanic Niño Index goes negative

The SST anomaly for September 2017 fell for the third consecutive month to -0.43°C in Niño region 3.4, and looks likely to usher in a La Niña event during this coming winter (fig 1). The convoluted way that a ONI event occurs, depends on a three-month running anomaly of  -0.5°C or lower (fig 2), so the earliest it could be declared is probably December (combined October-December anomalies), unless the anomaly decides to crash during October!