Second warmest 6 May since 1878

Figure 1

Provisionally, yesterday the 6th of May was the 2nd warmest since 1878 in Central England with a maximum of 22.8°C, which was over 8°C above the 1961-1990 long-term average for that day (fig 1). Today’s maximum temperature is on course to beat the previous highest for the 7th of May set in 1976 of 23.3°C, with temperatures at 09 UTC already much higher than at the same time yesterday.

Author: xmetman

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One thought on “Second warmest 6 May since 1878”

  1. Date record here is 28.5C in 1976. Heathrow 28.9C St James’s Park 27.8C. It is going to be a close run thing

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