Curse of the black pearl

Figure 1

The models captured the development of the low called Pearl very well as it deepened and tracked E’NE, and it’s all set to spoil the rest of the weekend with its rain and cloud especially across the southeast of the country. The low almost seems to be developing a black pearl like centre as it spirals round just southwest of the Scillies but that’s probably my over active imagination (fig 1).

Estimated rainfall totals since 18 UTC yesterday are starting to mount up across the southwest, with the first lime green pixels appearing over the Lizard and Bodmin moor (32-40 mm), I’m not sure whats wrong with the radar across the Celtic Sea though (fig 2).

Figure 2

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2 thoughts on “Curse of the black pearl”

  1. Looking back It certainly was cold and wet, but the high rainfall totals were much lower than forecast, with the worst of the weather confined to East Anglia and the southeast with Lincolnshire remaining dry.

  2. Very little rain forecast here for the next 7 days, with the greatest chance being a 30% probability at 13:00 on the the 11th, according to the MO.
    Meteogroup has prob. slightly lower, at 24%, but later in the day at around 18:00!
    I don’t know whether it is the same all over the country.

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