Warmest 18 April since 1772 in Central England

Figure 1

Provisionally, yesterday was the warmest 18th of April since the daily series of the CET began in 1772. The mean temperature of 16.7°C was a whopping 1.8°C higher than the previous for that day back in 1945, and almost 8.3 °C above the 1961-1990 long-term average (fig 1). There looks little doubt that today will see another extreme record set for the 19th of April as well. Here’s a look back at yesterdays 06-18 maximum temperatures (fig 2).

Figure 2

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One thought on “Warmest 18 April since 1772 in Central England”

  1. Hi Bruce, out of interest what were the max and mins?
    They look similar to what we had in Berkshire. Locally had ~24/13 so it was an uncomfortable night which is unusual for April. Yesterday was ~27/10 so hotter day but cooler night thankfully. In Reading it was a record as was the March Beast. Stephen Burt (UoR) commented;

    “This is just another example of how bizarre the English weather can be.”


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