Dull start to April continues

The very dull start to April 2018 continues, with many stations across the UK and Ireland reporting less than 20 hours of sunshine for the first 13 days of April, the only bright spots are in the western and northern isles of Scotland, with Stornoway the sunniest place with 67.3 hours (fig 1). There was missing data from both Liscombe and Heathrow.

Figure 1

Author: xmetman

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One thought on “Dull start to April continues”

  1. It was bright first thing this morning here, but it has clouded over now.
    Not much in the way of sun forecast until Monday now.
    At least it is a bit warmer now with a dramatic increase in temp. from 7 c to nearly 14c.
    That may have been due to the sun, but it isn’t showing any sign of falling again now that it has clouded over.

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