A lot of hot air over next weeks warmth

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the BBC

Yes it’s official, it looks likely that Thursday and Friday of next week may well be on the warm side for April (fig 2). But there’s nothing unusual about warm days in Spring, and someone should tell the media to cool down and not get so excited (fig 1), because after all spring did spring over six weeks ago according to their definition.

Figure 2 – Courtesy of www.wxcharts.eu

The hype you get these days from the NWP soothsayers is getting to almost biblical proportions. In the winter they are the same people who’ll tell you with great delight that the cold snap that hasn’t even started yet, will only last a couple of days. Well two can play at that game, because it saddens me to report that it looks likely that this weeks warmth may also be fleeting!

Author: xmetman

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3 thoughts on “A lot of hot air over next weeks warmth”

  1. Yes you’re right, but I notice that the server the Met Office use use to generate the latest estimates with has fallen over again…

  2. I notice that the CET figure for April is already 1 c above normal, which surprises me slightly.
    I must have been over-influenced by the low temperatures in the NE.

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