The mysterious uplifting going on in Devon

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the BBC & GVL

I came across this wonderful snippet in a BBC news article by Jonathan Amos about the subtle warping of the land surface that’s being measured by the European Union’s Sentinel-1 satellites. According to the article Geomatic Ventures Limited [GVL] have now produced an interactive online map of the UK for you to browse the data with, and chief technical officer, Dr Andy Sowter says:

Probably the weirdest example we’ve come across is the 2 cm per year uplift at a place called Willand in Devon. It’s a small place on the M5 motorway. We’ve spoken to the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey, and right now we can’t explain it. We don’t know why it’s going up

Here’s a closer look at the region in mid-Devon (fig 2), unfortunately I don’t think the map allows multiple layers, so I’ve included two screen shots of the same area to give you some idea of the area of the uplifting that’s going on at the moment.

Figure 2 – Courtesy of GVL

Apparently scientists have already ruled out any possibility of it being caused by a 100 foot mutant mole!

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4 thoughts on “The mysterious uplifting going on in Devon”

  1. Could be the topic of a Disaster Movie.
    If there is any acceleration, I would advise a rapid evacuation of the area.

  2. It’s funny that you should ask that because the National Trust property at nearby Killerton sits on the side of a hill called the “clump” which is thought to be an old volcanic plug a bit like a mini Arthur’s seat. I suppose that the survey could have found faint traces of an ancient hot spot in the earths crust.

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