Band of colder than average water across the North Sea

Figure 1

Sea surface temperatures across the North Sea are generally around 4 to 6°C  at the moment (fig 2), which makes them slightly above average for the time of year by a degree or so, except that is for a band of colder water that extends from Denmark across to the Humber, where anomalies are 1 to 4°C below the normal (fig 1), which was no doubt caused by the prolonged periods of  easterlies during the last couple of months across the Baltic.

Figure 2

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3 thoughts on “Band of colder than average water across the North Sea”

  1. Strangely enough I spotted the Dutch survey vessel HNLMS Luymes (A-803), leaving the Tyne on Monday.

    I wonder if it is also involved in this research.

  2. I can see the band of very low SST apparently emanating from the Baltic but it looks to me as if the remainder of the North Sea also appears to be slightly below average,

    not slightly above as you say. The first above average temperatures appear to be the North of Scotland and S. East of Iceland.

    I found this on the internet which seems to deal with the currents in the North Sea, but I am not sure that I entirely understand what they are saying.

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