Is it ever going to cheer up?

Figure 1

A thoroughly miserable wet and dull start to April in many parts of the UK, in stark contrast to the unusual warm and sunny spring being enjoyed in parts of Germany and eastern Europe. In the UK the contrast between Cornwall and Devon is large, with Camborne’s 37.8 hours of sunshine over twice that of Exeter’s 18.5 hours and poor old Liscombe with just 7.6 hours. The north and west of Scotland and the extreme west of England and Wales along with southeastern parts have also seen more sun, and the sunniest place in the UK so far this month is Tiree with 47.3 hours, but that figure is low in comparison to the 60 plus hours on the continent (fig 1).

Figure 1

A thoroughly wet start to April across most of the country apart from the drier northeast of Scotland and southeast of England (fig 2).  The 19.4 mm from Exeter airport looks dodgy as I’ve already recorded 45.7 mm so far this month only 10 km away to the north. I’m afraid that this spring is looking like it’s going to be a cold wet protracted affair in the UK.

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6 thoughts on “Is it ever going to cheer up?”

  1. Yesterday was beautiful on the NE coast with temp, up to 10,4 c but today is very damp, with 12.6mm so far and a temp, of only 6.2c

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