Coldest March since 2013

Figure 1

Nothing very spectacular about this March as a whole despite the record cold start to the month. The mean temperature of 4.93°C was 0.74°C below the 1961-1990 long-term average, and made it the coldest since the record cold March of 2013 that everyone seems to have quickly forgotten about (fig 1).

Figure 2

Three new record low daily maximum temperatures since 1878 were set during March (blue diamonds fig 2), and of course the 1st of March as well as having the lowest maximum also had the lowest mean temperature since the daily series started in 1772.

Figure 3

The March of 2018 was only the sixth cold March in the last 30 years in Central England (fig 3), and March as a month has been warming at a rate of 0.114°C per decade since 1878.

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