Slide in global temperatures goes on

Figure 1

The slide in 12 month average global temperatures which started 18 months ago now goes on (fig 1). The latest 12 month average is just slightly above the +1°C of warming since pre-industrial levels that the Met Office keep going on about, and is over 0.25°C lower than it was in February 2016. It won’t be long at this rate before there are murmurings of a second pause!

The latest CRUTEM anomaly of global combined land and sea temperature for February 2018 was +0.523°C, making it either the 12th warmest on record, or the coldest since 2014 depending on your religion (fig 2). The continue cooling can no doubt be attributed to the La Niña conditions in the equatorial Pacific over the last year.

Figure 2

Author: xmetman

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