Yesterdays unexpected snow

Figure 1

My estimates of the 24 hour precipitation totals up to 06 UTC this morning may appear to have been a little high for Liscombe (fig 1 & 2), but at this resolution, you only need to be a pixel or two out to make a big difference – well that’s my excuse anyway.

Figure 2

But apart from yesterday being such a cold and miserable day in east Devon and west Somerset, the wet snow that fell for much of the afternoon made it rather unusual too. Here are the plotted observations for Dunkeswell in Devon (fig 3), the snow started here at 13 UTC, perversely the warmest time of the day, and lasted until 17 UTC, before milder air from the northwest lifted temperatures and turned it to rain.

Figure 3

Full marks to the Met Office about yesterdays warning for heavy rain in this part of the world, especially Exmoor (fig 4).

Figure 4 – Courtesy of the Met Office

I think the widespread nature of the wet snow falling across lower lying parts east Devon and west Somerset yesterday afternoon caught them out though. The photo of the snow at Christ Cross above Silverton yesterday afternoon is rather appropriate taken as it was on Good Friday (fig 5)

Figure 5 – Courtesy of Warren ‘Weatherman’ Radmore

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3 thoughts on “Yesterdays unexpected snow”

  1. I thought that most of the talk about possible snow at Easter was about the snow for Bank Holiday Monday further north, and not for Good Friday across higher parts of east Devon and west Somerset?
    I suppose it’s how you interpret the phrase “higher parts of Exmoor and Dartmoor” that was used in the yellow warning for heavy rain that I was referring to.
    I would think that’d mean ground above 300 M AMSL (why can’t they be more specific?), but snow settled to much lower levels as that picture of the lane above Silverton shows.
    So to be fair some snow was expected, but certainly not to the extent that it occurred!

  2. Cracking photo — thanks Warren!

    Radar totals were too high yesterday due to bright-banding because of that snow.

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