Brightening up from the west

Figure 1

Not a lot going on at the moment weather wise across the British Isles, but hopefully it should brighten up in many places today from the west on the passage of this frontal system (fig 1). I did notice that there’s been another minor SSW event that looks to have occurred just before the equinox (fig 2).

Figure 2 – Courtesy of the CPD at the JMA

That, along with some wild NWP output, is what probably led to all those stories of a snowy Easter, stories which now seem to have been summarily dropped like a hot potato. Having said that the models do take each successive Atlantic low a little further south into Biscay as the week progresses leaving the country in an easterly, anticyclonic in the north and cyclonic in the south, so it look’s odds on that’ll it will be a cold Easter (fig 3).

Figure 3 – Courtesy of

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5 thoughts on “Brightening up from the west”

  1. That’s a joke.
    It seems that the Met Office are going to make more use of more advanced warnings under the updated warnings system.

  2. Quite a few hail showers today, none of which were forecasted by either the MO or the BBC, although I am not really sure whether they distinguish between hail and rain in their web forecastst.

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