Extreme Easters in Central England

Figure 1

Because Easter Sunday’s can fall on any date between the 22nd of March and the 25th of April so they are a bit of a moving target when it comes to measuring how cold or warm each one has been. I’ve measured Easter periods as the five days between Maundy Thursday right through to Easter Bank Holiday Monday since 1772 in the central England temperature series. It might surprise you to find that the mildest Easter on record occurred as recently as 2011, when Easter Sunday fell on April 24th, and the mean temperature for the 5 days was 14.5°C making it 5.6°C warmer than average (fig 2).

Figure 2

Conversely the coldest Easter on record occurred in the year 1883 when Easter Sunday fell on the 25th of March, and the mean temperature for the five days was only 0.7°C and 5.4°C below the long-term average (fig 3). The most recent cold Easter occurred in 2013 and currently lies 5th coldest in the 245 year series.

Figure 3

This article gave me the distinct feeling of déjà vue, so I did a quick look back through the 1,482 articles that I’ve published in the last two years, only to find that I had written a very similar article last year – perhaps I’m losing the plot! To be fair there is one slight difference between the two articles, in that last year I compared mean anomalies over 5 days rather than mean temperatures, so all is not lost.

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Easters in Central England”

  1. I have just noticed that the BBC/Meteogroup are predicting a slightly warmer Easter for here than the MO.
    While the MO forecast never goes above 5c for F-S, and 6c on M, the BBC daily summaries show 6c on F and 7c on S-M.
    There is also no sun in the MO forecast and quite a bit in the BBC one.

  2. I am not clear whether your anomalies take the timing of Easter into consideration or not.
    If they do, then it is surprising that most of the positive anomalies are in April or late March and most of the negative ones are in March or early April.

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