Spain’s snow-covered mountains

Figure 1 – Courtesy of NASA

Rather more geographical than meteorological I know, but I think I’ve identified these four snow-covered mountain ranges in Spain which are standing out so well on today’s satellite picture (fig 1). I reckon that after a bit of research they are:

  1. The large striking Montes de León range of which the highest peak is Teleno at 2,188 M.
  2. The isolated Peña Canchera at 1,592 M is the highest point in the Sierra de Gata range.
  3. The Sierra de Gredos range peaking out from some cloud of which the highest point is Pico Almanzor at 2,592 M.
  4. The snow-covered mountains close to the south coast are of course the Sierra Nevada’s or ‘snowy mountains’ in Spanish, which for some reason I had always believed lay further west. The highest point is Mulhacén at 3,478 metres which is also the highest point of continental Spain.

– Here endeth the geography lesson –