Large temperature swings – Gravesend 13.5°C colder than yesterday

Figure 1

The temperature at Gravesend yesterday was 13.6°C at 12 UTC, and today at the same time it was just 0.1°C, which makes it 13.5°C colder. To be honest there are a good number of stations which are 10°C or colder than they were 24 hours ago, and I’ve outlined them on the chart (fig 1). You can of course get large variations in temperature in the late winter and early spring, but today’s must take some beating, and looking at the latest NWP it looks like there may be more large swings in temperature in the coming week.

Author: xmetman

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One thought on “Large temperature swings – Gravesend 13.5°C colder than yesterday”

  1. cold windy snowing atm in London
    0C feels like -9

    yesterday was sunny and 13C – so yea – does feel a bit like walking into a freezer

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