Rainfall 14-15 March 2018

Figure 1

It’s been a very wet 24 hour’s down here in Devon, although there seems to be a curious mismatch between the estimates of what the radar saw (fig 1), and the rainfall that found its way into the gauges of the AWS at all the various SYNOP stations across the country (fig 2). Capel Curig just 2mm? The river Culm has certainly burst its banks locally and flooded all the water meadows that surround it.

Figure 2

Locally in Bradninch I only measured just over 19 mm in the 24 hours, but Exeter had almost 30 mm, and Dunkeswell close to 40 mm, so either the rainfall was very sporadic, or I’ve still got a spider’s web in my AWS connected to my tipping bucket.

Figure 3 – Station road, Hele
Figure 4 – looking down the Culm
Figure 5 – Station road, Hele
Figure 6 – looking across the Culm Valley

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3 thoughts on “Rainfall 14-15 March 2018”

  1. Spiders can be a problem in rain gauges.
    I once had one set up a larder of various captured insects.
    In the end I had to put plastic netting over all of the potential entry points.

  2. The latest MO forecast for Whitley Bay shows almost continuous rain from 12:00 today until 03:00 on Saturday.
    But the yellow warning still says snow and ice.

  3. 35.7mm here, the wettest March day since 5/3/07 (37.7mm).
    Capel Curig seems to have marginally escaped the heavier rain for once!

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