A rather wet lion

There’s been a wet start to March across parts of the country, the wettest place in the first 10 days seems to have been Dublin in the Irish Republic with over 4″ of precipitation (107.7 mm). A large part of these totals would have been from snow that fell in the first few days of the month, in fact the highest precipitation amounts correlate very well with the deepest reported snow depths (fig 1). That shouldn’t be that surprising, but it does make me wonder how an AWS handles the water equivalent in cold and snowy situations such as the one we experienced last week, especially when the snow is blowing around like it was.

Figure 1

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

2 thoughts on “A rather wet lion”

  1. The Vaisala Hawk AWS measures wind speed, direction and precipitation by three prongs and some fancy ultrasonic’s!
    I think the whole thing must have a heating unit that stops it icing up as well.
    When I win the lottery I shall invest in one of those…

  2. Undoubtedly these AWS lose through blow out and sublimation prior to thaw. My parents live just 2 miles away from Church Lawford MO station which recorded 3.0mm from snow melt Feb 28th to March 3rd, my parents Snowdon gauge had 10.1mm same period.

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