Glaze ice

Figure 1

It was difficult to tell just exactly how much snow we did get yesterday in our part of Devon because of the drifting, but it must have been somewhere between 10 and 15 cm, so in that regard the amount of snow was well forecast by the Met Office, and from what I can see from the conditions in and around our village warranted an amber, even possibly a red severe warning. In our hike late yesterday afternoon around the village we only saw one 4×4 attempting the hill up High street, the bus service must have been withdrawn at lunchtime.

Overnight it looks like we must have had a few hours of freezing drizzle or rain, the temperature at 08 UTC is still around -1°C and the windows facing into the  easterly wind are all covered in quite a layer of glaze ice (figs 1 & 2). I have seen glazed ice many years ago, it was in March 1969 that severe ice glaze brought down the Emley Moor TV transmitter. I may have reported it as an observer a couple of times, but generally my observing duties and severe weather events never really coincided that much, which was probably no bad thing!

Figure 2

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