Coldest March day since 1878

After reporting yesterday that we’ve just experienced the coldest 28th of February since 1785 in Central England, it now transpires that the first of March provisionally has the lowest mean temperature for that day since 1785 (fig 1), and additionally was the coldest day (lowest maximum of -0.8°C) for any March day since 1878.

Figure 1

The last seven days have been cold, but they still only rank 6th in the all time coldest weeks (23rd February – 1st March) since 1772 (fig 2). So if you think the mean of -0.5°C for the last seven days has been cold, the -2.56°C of 1947 was a magnitude colder. It’s very rare these days to see any new extreme minimum records broken, but setting three records in two days isn’t bad going!

Figure 2

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with the latest daily temperatures in Central England by using the interactive graph on my Meteograph website.

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4 thoughts on “Coldest March day since 1878”

  1. ” because its a different sort of cold to the past.”

    Like ‘The Hottest Cold Ever’ & it’s 97% unprecedented …..

  2. And of course its all down to “clmate change”, because its a different sort of cold to the past.

  3. The mild air entrained in Storm Emma meant that it was only the 3rd coldest March day since 1959 at London stations

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