February made me shiver with every blog that I delivered…

Figure 1 – Overnight [18-06] minimum temperatures – click to enlarge

Very cold night across much of Europe with an anticyclone of over 1050 hPa across Norway. I notice that overnight temperatures fell to a minimum of -32.5°C (-26.5°F) at Drevsjo in central Norway (WMO 01393) (fig 2).

Figure 2

Unsurprisingly, it was also where the highest MSLP pressure was to be found (fig 3). It would be interesting to see the adjustment tables they use to calculate a QNH pressure from the station QFE for a station that’s already 674 M above sea level.

Figure 3

Meanwhile back in good old blighty, Dunkeswell in Devon did rather well to get down to -5.0°C overnight (fig 3), to make it the fourth coldest low-level station in WMO block #03 (fig 4).

Figure 4
Figure 5

Apologies for the weird title of this blog – it just came to me after listening to American Pie on Spotify!

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