The mighty Quinn

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the Met Office

The 18-06 rainfall totals weren’t massive from the frontal system associated with low Quinn, but rainfall since o6 UTC was fairly heavy in parts of the east Devon, Somerset and Dorset (fig 1). The rain might have been behind a couple of road traffic accidents that have led to the closure of the M5, and some local flooding in our part of Devon. It shouldn’t be long though before the clearance behind the cold front brightens things up down here in southwest England.

Figure 2

I would say that a secondary low centre was developing on the triple point in the Bristol Channel at 08 UTC, but I can’t find any sign of warm air! You could almost draw the trough down the 4° line of longitude it’s that straight (fig 3).

Figure 3

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One thought on “The mighty Quinn”

  1. Ben Rich was talking last night about sudden stratospheric warming “over the next 10 days, which was going to slow the jetstream over the UK and bring in more high pressure.
    Apparently this was due to a reversal of the direction of the wind in the stratosphere from westerly to easterly and seemed to be likely to raise temperatures, although judging from the BBC forecast it isn’t going to make much difference to temperatures in the NE of England, and isn’t going to last very long.

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