The coldest night of the year

Figure 1

St Valentines day, the 13/14th of February is the coldest night of the year in Central England, this is based on the lowest mean daily minimum temperature record that started in 1878, the mean for that day is just 0.67°C, with a 40% chance of an air frost, and a 4.3% of an ice day. The lowest mean daily maximum on the other hand occurs around four weeks earlier on the 17th of January with a temperature of 6.1°C (fig 1).

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4 thoughts on “The coldest night of the year”

  1. I seem to recall that the MO provisional figures tend to be overstated because they only take into consideration one minimum temperature figure per day, so the final confirmed figure is normally lower than the provisional.
    The MO seem to have changed the format of their text files, so I don’t seem to be able to download them like I used to.
    I used to be able to load them into an Excel spreadsheet quite easily using a space to delimit the file, but not any more.

  2. Looking at the CET so far this month (12th). The mean is around 1°C colder than average, it’s 76th coldest since 1772 and the coldest since 2015. Mind you there is a couple of weeks left yet and anything could happen!

  3. The provisional mean temperature for this February is 3.1c or 1.2c lower than the 1961-90 average.
    The 1961-90 mean is unusual in that it is currently lower than that for January, whereas historically February
    as a whole is normally warmer that January, but that is change since the 1970’s, mainly because January has warmed
    faster than February.
    If the February mean is 1.2c below “normal” for the entire month, it could be the coldest February since 1996.
    I haven’t been able to discover why January temperatures have risen relative to February.
    I suspect higher mins due to the UHI effect.

  4. Fits in well with Philip Eden’s early February settled singularity which peaks on February 13th – though, of all the singularities, it has the lowest probability of 56%

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