Do gusts of over 50 mph require a yellow warning?

Figure 1

The Met Office issued a whole tranche of yellow warnings for heavy rain, snow and ice for the overnight period, as low Philine whizzed across the borders, but neglected to issue one for strong wind. This is getting a bit of habit with them now. I wonder just how high a gust has to reach before one is issued, obviously higher than the 79 mph at Capel Curig at 22 UTC yesterday evening (fig 1). They did go to town on snow and ice warnings, even one for ice down here in the southwest after the front cleared, although they never really amounted to a hill of beans. The warning for heavy rain was a horse of a different colour – but more of that later. As you can see my idiom output is set to maximum at the moment.

Author: xmetman

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3 thoughts on “Do gusts of over 50 mph require a yellow warning?”

  1. It has actually been more windy here that yesterday morning, despite the MO forecasting the opposite.

  2. Given that the MO is publicly funded, they should charge commercial organisations a full economic fee but data should be freely available to UK non-commercial or individuals, who already pay though taxes.

  3. There was vague mention of “gales” on the BBC weather forecast yesterday, but nothing special on the NE coast, hence apparently no gusts at Boulmer before midnight although they did record 36mp at 03:00.
    My WS recorded around 20mph at the same time.

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