Regional correlation of temperature, precipitation and sunshine – January 2018

Figure 1 – click to enlarge

I’ve put a bit of development work into creating a panel of three scatter graphs that show the correlation between:

  • Mean temperature and precipitation.
  • Mean temperature and sunshine.
  • Precipitation and sunshine.

I’m using what I call the Met Office 1910 regional monthly data to display how the correlation looked for January 2018. I think these correlation scatter graphs are a quick and easy way to visualise climate for either a selected region since 1910, or as in this case for all regions for a particular, year, season or month as I’ve done with January 2018 (fig 1).

As you can see if you examine each graph in detail (fig 1) it’s easy to pick out the outliers which indicate regions that have seen the more extreme weather that occurred during the month. The temperature-rainfall scatter graph on the left for instance shows how much colder and drier Scotland was than other parts of the UK.

It’s not a new idea, but I personally think it’s a very useful visualisation tool for anyone that’s interested in climate, and shows much more that a line or bar chart could.