January sick and tired of you hanging on me…

Figure 1

No, it’s not my attempt to recreate the intro to “Dad’s Army”, it’s the approximate movement northwestward of a sheet of stratus across southern areas of the country this morning (fig 1). Yesterday’s clear skies are fast disappearing as the bank of cloud moves relentlessly northward, and a return to a dull and dreary January day that we know so well.

It’s a great shame that the anticyclone of yesterday didn’t stick around longer. I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be as sick and tired of January by the end of this month as Pilot where back in 1975.

There is a sharp inversion and associated sub-zero layer on this mornings 11 UTC ascent from the Herstmonceux ascent in Sussex (fig 2), at around 3,000 feet. In fact the ‘proper’ freezing level above is at almost 8,000 feet (fig 2). Low level winds are north of east, so maybe the stratus is forming as the result of moister air feeding in from the E’NE, rather than following the flow that I’ve indicated on the satellite image (fig 1).

Figure 2

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One thought on “January sick and tired of you hanging on me…”

  1. As you can see we are basking in sunshine & the solar PV is producing 840 W (~ one fifth of capacity) & so far given 5.2kWh today (we’ll get £2.70 for something worth about £0,60, don’t you just love ‘green economics’) .

    Fortunately we’ve got the CH cranked up, was very cold last night, 30mm of ice on pond.
    Lovely views of snow on Snowdonia 25mils away… hope it stays there.

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