Still rather dry across southern areas

Figure 1

If I’ve got my programming right, the latest 12 month precipitation accumulations at the end of November for the UK, are still on the low side for Central, Southwestern and Southeastern parts of England (fig 1). The daily precipitation data is from the UKP gridded set which I download from the Met Office. The lowest anomalies at the moment are across the Southeast with 85.9% of the 1981-2010 long-term average (fig 2). After a wet spell in mid-summer accumulations were creeping back close to average, but it looks like a dryish October and November has put them back into a deficit.

Figure 2

The index of reservoir totals for England and Wales looks close to normal (fig 3), despite a number of reservoirs in the south being on the low side.

Figure 3 – Courtesy of NERC

Author: xmetman

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