No logic to the ice warning for tonight – and what about the freezing fog in Glasgow?

I can’t see any logic in the yellow alert for ice that’s been issued this lunchtime by the Met Office for parts of London and the southeast (fig 1). I might be jumping the gun with this one, and they may will issue one later today for the Midlands and Wales, but these parts have seen 10 to 30 cm of snow today, surely this snow will still be around tonight, and any thawing of that snow would refreeze? So why no warning  of ice for these places?

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the Met office

There has been freezing fog since 08 UTC this morning in Glasgow, and the temperature at 12 UTC is still -4.6°C. Why for goodness sake isn’t there a warning out for that? Perhaps they’ve been just too busy with the snow further south.

Figure 2

Addendum I

I thought that the Glasgow Bishopton was maybe playing up, so with the help of some Traffic Scotland website I’ve managed to find the offending freezing fog patch by the Erskine bridge on the M8 over the river Clyde (fig 3).

Figure 3 – Courtesy of Traffic Scotland

It’s a useful website made available by the Scottish government, but for goodness sake why do they restrict the website to show thumbnail images from their network of webcams?

Addendum II

Suddenly it’s all become clear, and now the Met Office yellow warnings of ice for tomorrow make perfect sense! Two and a half hours after they issued a yellow warning for ice for the southeast England, the forecasters at the Met Office have now just issued another yellow warning for ice (fig 4) that aligns with the earlier one to cover Wales, Midlands and East Anglia – cosmic!

Figure 4 – Courtesy of the Met Office

My question to the Met Office is why the delay between the two? Why not just issue a blanket warning for ice that combines the southeast, Midlands, Wales and East Anglia, and then issue a separate snow warning just for the southeast corner? Of course the tricky bit would be to do all this at the same time, so that people who read the warnings get the impression that your approach was coordinated, which in itself would instill confidence with them that you knew exactly what was happening.

PS It’s still foggy on the M8!

Addendum III

Figure 5 – Courtesy of Facebook

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5 thoughts on “No logic to the ice warning for tonight – and what about the freezing fog in Glasgow?”

  1. Of course there’s no logic, the met office have spent that many years trying to convince us all about Global Warming via CACA (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism) & they’ve convinced themselves that we are all going to fry, accordingly any reports of snow & ice must be fake news, so why issue an ice warning when they think it’s the hottest winter ever.

    We bought them a £97 million Cray computer, it would have been cheaper to give them an X-box each, and we’d have had the same results.

  2. And why no warning for the NE of England?
    It is -2c with about 1cm of fresh snow here and while i don’t know how widespread the snow is, I presume it is colder inland.

  3. You are doing a sterling job of Quality Control and Verification Bruce – Someone needs to??!!

    Are these model based predictions touched by human hand at all?

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