Developments to the southwest

Figure 1

I’m getting confused about the latest developments to the southwest of the UK. As you can see in the visible satellite image animation (fig 1) a cap of cloud has developed at around 49° north and 12° west and is spinning towards Cornwall. I’m trying to reconcile this with the T+03 from the ICON model (fig 2). The cap of cloud may indeed be this feature (the one that I thinks mis-labeled H 986 hPa). If it is, I think the cloud might be 2° further north, and If I’m right, the ICON model does seem to be a long way out already to say it was only run three hours ago!

Figure 2 – Courtesy of

Here’s the 14 UTC plotted chart (fig 3), as you can see there are few ships or weather buoys and just about anything could be lurking to the northwest of La Coruña.

Figure 3

If you know what’s happening then please do feel free to drop me a line.

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  1. Using your plotting software, I get a separate circulation just to the southeast if Ireland. Your isobars are too smoothed!

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