Normal for Scotland

Figure 1

Nothing too alarming has happened overnight in Scotland as regards gusts of wind if you ignore the mountain stations that is. So far gusts of 60 to 70 mph from storm Caroline would have covered it (fig 1). Admittedly there will be some tightening of the gradient across the far north as the low tracks eastward and the wind veers north of west, but I would say nothing out of the normal for Scotland in the Autumn or Winter.

I just don’t know just how legal the latest TAF from RAF Lossiemouth is because it’s a while since I’ve checked the rules, but there looks to be some duplication and rather a lot of tempo’s in it. The one thing overriding message you get from it is that it’s going to be very windy.

TAF EGQS 070711Z 0709/0803 25035G50KT 9999 FEW025
TEMPO 0709/0710 6000 -SHRA SCT018
TEMPO 0709/0711 27050G70KT
BECMG 0710/0714 28035G50KT
TEMPO 0710/0714 3000 SHRA +SHGR BKN012CB
TEMPO 0711/0714 29045G60KT
BECMG 0714/0717 28020G30KT
TEMPO 0714/0803 29028G43KT 1200 SHSN +SHGR SCT005 BKN010CB=

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