35 foot waves at K5

Figure 1

The wake from Caroline is producing 35 foot waves at K5 at 08 UTC this morning (59.1° north 11.6° west) (fig 1). The cold front dropped the temperature almost 9°C in three hours on top of Cairngorm in the early hours (fig 2).

Figure 2

No boy scout worth his salt would have been as foolish to camp out on the Cairngorms last night, and if he had been, he certainly would never have got his tent up in a hurricane force 12 and gusts to 116 mph (fig 3).

Figure 3

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3 thoughts on “35 foot waves at K5”

  1. There has been no increase in wind speed as predicted by the MO.
    Currently around 16/20 mph

  2. The temperature fell around 7c here between 05:50 and 08:00 accompanied by some rain, although only about 0.6mm and not the “heavy rain” forecast by the MO at about 06:00.
    Wind is forecast to peak at 14:00 at about 26mph with 41 mph gusts and some heavy showers. Currently 20mph with 25mph gusts.
    Temp. is forecasted not to get over 2c between midnight tonight and Monday noon.
    Still no snow and very little rain forecasted.

  3. Any boy scout worth his salt would have been tucked in bed with his woggle (or a girl guide) last night.

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