The four seasons of 2017 in Central England

Here’s a quick look back at the four seasons of 2017 as seen in the daily temperature of Central England.

Figure 1 – Winter 2016-17

I suppose the graph (fig 1) says it all about last Winter. A cold few days just after Christmas, and a cold week at the end of January, otherwise a very mild affair, a 5-4-5 quintile type of Winter.

Figure 2 – Spring 2017

Had you forgotten what an exceptionally mild Spring 2017 was? As far as I could see it had been the warmest on record in Central England since at least 1659, a 5-4-5 quintile type of Spring.

Figure 3 – Summer 2017

Summer 2017 was just a little warmer than average in Central England. And as you can see daytime temperatures were depressed from the 19th of July to the middle of August. It started well enough in June with a couple of record hot days on the 19th and 21st but then just went down hill, a 5-4-3 quintile type of summer.

Figure 4 – Autumn 2017

A near average November brought to an end the 23rd mildest Autumn since 1659. The only thing of exception as far as CET was concerned was the warmth of October, with a couple of warms day on the 14th and 16th. A 3-5-4 quintile type of Autumn.

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

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