Met Office about face – blocked till New Year

The Met Office have now completed a 180° about-face regarding the second half of the December turning mild, and now admit that the weather over the British Isles for the next 30 days looks blocked well into the New Year (fig 1). If you remember they were postulating that mobility would return by the 15th of December, and that the rest of December would be basically wet, mild and zonal. I never believed December would pan out as they forecast in their 3 month winter outlook for contingency planners, so that suits me just fine. Don’t ask me why I thought that, I have no scientific reasoning to support it, I just knew that more often or not their extended outlooks and seasonal forecast are completely wrong. I did say that this Winter could end up being the equivalent of their ‘barbecue’ summer and I still believe that. Now all that we have to worry about is if this is just the start of a 1-5-5 or a 1-1-1 Winter!

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the Met Office.

Author: xmetman

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2 thoughts on “Met Office about face – blocked till New Year”

  1. It goes without saying that the multidecadal forecasts are spot on.

    Says who?

    Or you’re arguing weather and climate are the same? They are not. So, weather prediction would be different to climate prediction? You betcha.

    Example, I’ve no idea what the weather on the 31st will be, but I know what the climate averages for Devon are.

  2. You should never act on a weather forecast beyond 3 days. I go sailing and base my actions for a day on the forecast in the morning. That works.
    It goes without saying that the multidecadal forecasts are spot on.

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