BBC: New radar on Lewis can measure size of snowflakes

Figure 1 – Courtesy of BBC News

The Stornoway radar is now back in service after being upgraded earlier this year. The only thing the Met Office now need to do is install one on Shetland. It’s difficult to understand why there has been a hole left in the coverage of the weather radar in the northern North Sea, in an area that must contain some of the busiest helicopter low fly zones in the world. There was talk a few years ago of establishing one at RAF Saxa Vord but it never came about. Recently it’s been announced that the radar station on Unst, which was mothballed in 2006, is to be reopened because of the need to monitor the increased Russian military threat. Why they need to measure the exact size of the snowflakes, when we already know that they’re pretty small beats me. They should be able to test that measuring out on Thursday of this week, all being well.

Figure 2

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