Change of theme

I realise that over time the xmetman site has become a little bloated and rather slow. In an effort to streamline it and speed it up it up, I’ve changed  the theme. Please let me know if you find the new site to be more responsive than the old. Also let me know if I’ve dropped any of your favourite widgets or pages.

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

8 thoughts on “Change of theme”

  1. Bruce, whilst a list of your recently purchased cookware maybe of interest to some, most would look for ‘recent posts’..
    …not recent pots ( 8-))

    Hated the snowflakes (I’ve got enough floaters in my eyes).
    No site speed issues.
    Miss the
    recent comments head
    Lightning, ice, sun spots,sun & moon positions, cyclone widgets

  2. Thanks for the info Will. I’ve just moved up to fibre and if anything my site is no faster and occasionally blocks access. I’ve been told this is because my ISP is limiting the number of threads that I can run.

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