Exeter coldest overnight

Figure 1

Coldest low-level station in the UK was Exeter airport last night, with a 18-06 minimum of -3.7°C (fig 1). The BBC were woefully out in last nights forecast for what is a notorious cold spot (fig 2).

Figure 2 – Courtesy of the BBC

Curious thermograph for Exeter airport though (fig 3), all I can see from the hourly SYNOPs is that the wind must have freshened up at 05 UTC otherwise the frost might have been more severe.

Figure 3

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2 thoughts on “Exeter coldest overnight”

  1. It would be interesting to get a temperature profile of the lower 100 metres after a good radiation frost and light winds in the Exe or Culm valleys.
    Perhaps you could even do a pseudo ascent using a small drone?

    I remember as a teenager strapping a thermometer to my push bike and taking temperatures at various points as I descended the hill into our village.
    That taught me the simple lesson that when skies remained clear, and there were light winds, cold air sank to the bottom of valleys of a night.

  2. The north wall temperature was -3 to -4C first thing at work near Newton Abbot in the Bovey Basin. Interestingly the air at such a temperature was clearly a shallow layer and only in the basin, further up the Teign valley the frost was more blown out, or it was less cold.

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