Yesterdays rainfall in the southwest

Figure 1

Not as wet as I suspected it might have been across the southwest yesterday, although estimated accumulations on the northwest coast of Devon were in the 16-24 mm range in the 24 hours ending 06 UTC this morning (fig 1). Sunday looks a much better day across the southwest, although there’s already a clutch of heavy showers tracking S’SE across Wales this morning that looks likely to affect more eastern parts of Devon by the looks of things later this morning.

I notice that the Meteorological Institute of Berlin have now chosen to rename the remnants of ex-tropical storm Rina low Numa. Numa is quickly deepening over southwestern Germany as you can see on this 09 UTC chart (fig 2). Its producing some snow on the highest ground in the cold air to its north, but to its south it’s still mild and very windy – spot the cold front.

Figure 2

Author: xmetman

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